Wednesday, July 26, 2017

You're Over 40...

Tuesdays and Fridays are when we work out on gymnast’s rings – my favorite workouts because they work about every muscle in the body and because they are just plain fun. These are also the days were the most folks notice what we are doing – everything from young, built guys trying to watch out of the corner of their eyes without being obvious to folks just stopping what they are doing and staring.

So, yesterday – two young guys were doing some neat martial-arts stuff – flying kicks, advanced yoga moves, clearly very fit.  At one point, when they were walking by I commented to them that they were doing some pretty impressive stuff.  One of them said they liked what we were doing – I had them try the move we were doing –

Since my group was in the middle of our routine I took the two young men over to the TRX setup and showed them a number of other moves we use as part of our ring-day workout.  At one point one of the young men asked “You’re over 40 – how is it you can do all these things we can’t”? 

My canned answer is that I’m older and had more of a chance to get fit.

Imagine how surprised they were when they found out I was 63.

This kind of interaction occurs more frequently than perhaps is believable.  I spent an hour working out with these two, while also taking my turn with my group on the rings.  Then, while getting ready to shower, another young man, a soccer player, wanted some tips on how to build his obliques.  Then we got into a discussion about indoor soccer shoes, since that is what I wear when working out. 

So, you over 40 types – how long has it been since a kid complimented you on your athletic capabilities? 

I find it very frustrating, seeing folks I care about getting fat, losing physical capabilities, becoming just plain decrepit – long before they should.  Reality – people are just plain not willing to put out the effort to start down a path that will make their lives unbelievably better. Twice recently I was told “I can’t imagine myself ever going to a gym”.  Funny – they don’t have any problem accepting getting weaker, gaining weight and slowing down.

As I said – I find this very frustrating.  America is a country in a fiscal crisis due to our overfat population – and folks just can’t understand that their senior years could be the best years of their lives – in every way – if they would just get started growing instead of accepting the slow decline path they are on.

Baby steps.  For the rest of your life.  Don’t accept becoming decrepit – turn it around. 

Life begins at 40, and 50, and 60, and 70. Every decade from 40 on you can get stronger and more fit!

Or you can rave about the various beers you find to drink, and the videos you see on You-Tube.

I can only pray that you choose to get started reversing the negative aspects of aging.

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