Monday, December 2, 2013


I am in the midst of fixing little challenges on a car I bought this summer. One of the changes involves going back to the original size tires and rims that came with the car. See, the car came with “boy racer” tires - very tall rims, very short, but very very wide tires. Perfect for those who want to look like they can go very very fast.

I suppose my prejudice against boy racer tires shows. None the less, I don’t dislike them enough to sell them - they will look great when and if I ever enter the car in a car show - all the boy racers will then go oohhhh and ahhhhh. That is why one enters cars in car shows.

So, what to do with 4 rather large tires/rims? My goal is to keep the floor of the garage as clean as possible - which means I don’t really want a pile of tires in a corner. So, how about on top of a set of shelves? Given the 10 foot ceilings there is room up there! In fact, I had already stacked the summer tires from our Smart car on the adjacent shelves. Being a Smart car, these tires were fairly small and fairly light.

Two of the boy racer tires were neither small, or light, weighing in at 56 pounds each.

Why am I writing about this? Because I was able to pick up a 56 pound tire, go up a step ladder and place said tire on a shelf that was 8 feet off the ground. I was then able to do it again, and follow up with the front tires, but they only weighed 46 pounds each.

Today at the gym my usual workout bud was tied up in a meeting so it looked like I might be working out by myself. When I came out of the room where my stretch group meets a young guy asked if he and his friend could work out with me. A high-school guy. Asking a 59 year old if they could work out with him.

Today was abs day, so lots of fairly extreme abdominal exercises. About an hour in said young man asked, very respectfully, if I would tell him how old I was - he admitted to being amazed at how strong I am. He was gobsmacked to find I was 59.

I love the term “gobsmacked”. The Irish and Brits use it, a simple translation: “To be completely dumbfounded or shocked.”

Whilst I enjoy nearly every day, there is something about being able to put heavy tires on a top shelf, and then having high-school kids want to work out with you. Something very good, very fulfilling, and very satisfying. It makes all the efforts to keep oneself fit so very much worth it.

The book “Younger Next Year” includes this quote: “People assume they will get old and die - in fact, people today tend to get old and live - decrepit perhaps, but they live. They can get decrepit, it they like, but it is their choice.”

I think this only states part of the reality - people can choose to not just avoid being decrepit - they can choose to be more fit and in better shape then they were the year before. They can choose to become truly younger next year.

Can you do it - I know you can. Get rid of your TV and hit the gym!

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