Sunday, September 8, 2013


Tuesdays are the day at the gym when we work out on gymnast rings. These are rings, suspended on straps, that gymnasts use to do rather amazing things. OK - the things we do aren’t nearly as amazing as what gymnasts do, but we get in a wonderful workout, full of stability challenges and core work.

This last Tuesday I had a bit of an epiphany. I was working out with several of the young guys in the group - Matt, Mark (the young one who wants to go to medical school), Colin, and a new guy whose name I have managed to forget. None the less, these 4 young men, not one of which is even half my age, these guys wanted to work out with me.

They wanted to do the exercises I focus on, they wanted to work on techniques I am learning, and, in the case of “muscle-ups”, they were working with me to help me do what two of the guys can already do.

Where is the reward in all of this? These 4 young guys, each of whom are pretty danged fit - they wanted to work out with me. I don’t think about this very often, but somehow it just hit me last Tuesday.

I felt pretty darned blessed.

Then there are the times someone will approach me in the locker room and ask me if I am a gymnast and where did I learn to do all the amazing exercises? Or someone will see me in Walmart or Lowes or elsewhere and say they recognize me from the gym - the guy who is always doing the impossible exercises.

These are just some of the rewards I get for the time I spend at the gym. Then there are the people who just want to say hi when they see me at the gym, or in stores or about town. My social circle. It is an amazing reward to be recognized in a good way.

Rewards. Reminders of why I put in the time at the gym, and why I enjoy it so very much.

And why I look forward to tomorrow - I get to work out!

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