Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I wrote this post while Kelly and I were visiting relatives in Reno.

This trip has given me a bit of a perspective on meals – on how meals can become the center of a person’s universe.

In as much as our visit is focused on interacting with family we looked for things to do that would satisfy mutual interests – shopping, museums, swimming, and, well, meals.

A bit of background. I am hypoglycemic – which means my body is not really good at regulating my use of sugar in my blood. If I eat something sweet my body goes on a binge and consumes the sugar – quickly. Which can leave me pretty run down. So, unlike with Diabetes where the body can not process sugar, my bod is too good at using it. Best thing for me to do is to avoid candy (unless I am physically working hard) and to focus on eating regularly. At home this translates to 4 or 5 meals a day. Believe me, after a while having to eat becomes a chore. It gets in the way of the things I want to do.

But, on this trip, meals are a time to focus on being with others, and eating. And I find that my mind begins to get really into looking forward to eating. Especially since we are finding great restaurants and enjoying our meals.

It is amazing to me how my mind can become so focused on food. At home I am thinking about what I get to do next – at this point I am figuring out how to best tie down the air-conditioning lines on my new car (a 1973 Pantera) so the trunk will fit properly. Then I get to finish up a mechanism, clean another mechanism, and refinish the library card index cabinets I found a year ago.

By then the new lift will be here for the garage.

Projects, and working out, and playing the dulcimer. And all those other little niggling things that make up one’s life. Food – it drops to a role of being a necessity, one that takes time, and one that is mostly in the way.

But, what if I didn’t have all these things that I want to do. What if my life revolved around the next meal – as it has this weekend? Easy answer – I would weigh a lot more. And I would not have the satisfaction and happiness that I get every time I finish up a project, every time I find a novel way to solve a problem, every time I work out with my friends at the gym, and every time I see my 59 year old body in a mirror and realize that I am getting more muscular each year.

More tomorrow.

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