Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BBQ - My Weakness

Recently I have had a couple of situations where it would have been easy to have some barbecued ribs. Let’s be honest here – BBQ ribs are my biggest weakness. And one I have not indulged in over 3 years. I have, in odd moments, thought about the pleasure I get from eating ribs. It lasts roughly as long as it takes to finish licking my fingers. That’s it. When I compare that momentary nirvana with the knowledge that my cholesterol levels are excellent because I don’t eat ribs – well, the momentary nirvana begins to look pretty paltry. But, hey, if eating three meals was the high-point of each day – well, I suspect it would be a lot harder to resist eating the things I love most.

I suppose this post is really all about my coming to understand what it is that has kept me eating a healthy diet, even when the easiest option would be to eat something that would not be all that healthy. This weekend, when I did not have the luxury of going to the fridge and pulling out a healthy leftover, or making a veggie burger on a really nice whole-grain bread with hummus for added flavor… This weekend when I did not have the luxury of having things to do that I really looked forward to doing – this weekend my mind focused more on food than it has in a long, long time. And I perhaps began to understand in a very minor way how folks can get fixated on food.

Gads am I glad I have such a full life, and so many wonderful hobbies and fascinations! Not to mention workouts that last 3 or more hours each day. There really is little time to dream about the next meal, instead it is a question of how I can fit in a quick bite and maintain my energy to finish what I am working on.

I can only hope that you, gentle reader, can understand how much I love my life, and can begin to think of ways to make your life more fulfilling - by doing things that are difficult and challenging, and that give you satisfaction and happiness! And perhaps your fuller life will help to relegate meals to what they should be - times to refuel our body so we can get back to doing things!

Misty helping Kelly with her studies.

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