Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guys and Gals

Guys and Gals

I was thinking today, as I worked out, about the folk who want to work out with me. It is an interesting demographic. One might think that men in their 30's, 40's and 50's might see the benefit of the core and balance routines that I have developed. Or might notice how ripped I am and want to achieve similar results. Hey, once in a while such a guy will join us - 2 weeks ago a mid-30's gent joined us for Monday (Chin-ups, pull-ups, and abs) and for Tuesday (gymnasts rings). He was pretty fit - indicated that he liked to play hockey. Funny thing was, on rings day, he was able to do 7 clean push-ups with his hands on the gymnasts rings, his feet on the floor. Then Donna (62) did 10 clean push-ups with her hands on the rings and her feet balanced on a basket ball.

Funny - haven’t seen him since.

Then there was the mid 30's guy who wanted to drop the weights after every set. I tried to gently explain that we just don't drop weights - if we can't handle them we go to lighter weights. Funny, haven't seen him since either.

We’ve seen this a few times - relatively fit young men make it a couple of times, claim to really be enjoying the camaraderie and challenge, then don’t show up.

Flip side, guys in their late teens or early 20's? They love it and show up over and over. For months and even years now.

The other group that join us are women. All ages. Everywhere from 20's to 60's. In fact, three that make me proudest are Sue (54), Maia (64) and Donna (62).

So, what is it - men can’t handle it when women do better? A lot of the problem, as I see it, is men having a ready excuse for not wanting to work out the way we do. They have a bad back, shoulder, arm, hip, ankle, foot, neck, toe, finger, well, I’ve heard pretty much every part of the anatomy.

What gives???

I also get a kick out of the couples in their 30's to 50's work out together - typically the guys just sort of glare as we stand on Bosu Balls and do one arm curls, or do funny sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups... The lady’s smile when we walk by, but try to make sure their guys don’t notice they are smiling at a fit old men.

So, do 30 to 60 year old guys have egos that are so weak they can’t stand it when old guys or old women can do more than they can? Funny, doesn’t faze the 20 year olds. In fact, the young guys have learned to tell folk who chat with us that the reason Mark (53) and I (58) can do more is because we are older. Gets a funny look every time.

And the young guys cheer on the ladies every time they do something special.

I fear there really is not a point to this post - unless it is that men need to quit making up excuses and get fit. Perhaps that is enough.

Oh, and women should take pride when they kick younger mens behinds when doing exercises!

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