Thursday, January 17, 2013

Turning Back the Clock

Read a quote from Goldi Hawn regarding aging - “You have to truly grasp that everybody ages. Everybody dies. There is no turning back the clock. So the question in life becomes: What are you going to do while you are here?”

This morning was my morning for giving a hammered dulcimer lesson. My student is 62 or 64 - so, well, she is not young. Or is she? She decided a year ago to buy a dulcimer from me and to start taking lessons. She practices a lot, and has made phenomenal progress - and absolutely loves the times she is playing.

Will she one day be the best dulcimer player in the world. Nope. For that matter neither will I. Does she get satisfaction and happiness out of playing, even when it is tough making time to play? Yes.

Do I get a lot of satisfaction from being part of her becoming a better player - YES - in a big way!.

This week I received an e-mail from a gentleman that also stuck with me - in part he wrote “I only wish I had started earlier so that I could have been purchasing tools along the way and learning so much more about clocks.” and “My father worked until his early 70's, and just a few months before he passed away last August, he would walk a mile every day, ride a stationary bike and play golf whenever he could. He did not want to "freeze up" his muscles and not be able to get out of his recliner. So your blog/video is a wake up call to me and I appreciate hearing and reading your thoughts on aging!

I'll try to read all your technical articles on clocks and try to get some exercise in my life.”

My philosophy, if I can grace it with such a high-falutin title, is that satisfaction and happiness come from doing. There was a time that I tried to tell people who wanted to sell me the hammered dulcimers that they had not played - the ones they bought with every good intention so many years ago - I tried to get them to play. I was very up front about the whole thing - I am trying to foster more players BECAUSE IT IS GOOD FOR THEM IN SO MANY WAYS! Any more I tend to just negotiate a price I can afford and buy the dulcimers - and try to make sure that when I sell one that the person buying it has the resources they need to get started playing.

Pity I can’t motivate others - all I can do is try to share the wonderful sense of fulfillment and happiness that comes from doing things.

My message in this rambling post - Live your life - it’s the only one you get. 58? Fine, then by 60 have a firmly established exercise routine and find something that demands work to develop a skill and ability. Invest in yourself - it you need tools, buy them - and use them to develop a skill. Start small, make the commitment, and remember that buying things is not the goal - learning a new skill is the goal.

It’s a cold morning, the sun is rising, making the lake look a bit mystic with the mists rising, and there is an eagle heading down the lake. I need to pack up a dulcimer to ship to a lady in Nebraska, I need to finish up a mechanism, I need to unpack another that is back for a cleaning, and today is push-up day - so I need to do roughly 600 pushups. I need to live life and celebrate being 58!

Oh, before I forget - I had a visit from a young man (he’s younger than I am anyway) who loves old musical instruments. I shot a short video - check it out -!i

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