Thursday, January 31, 2013


It’s difficult to figure out how to describe the way I feel at the end of my workouts. Typically I have between 1 and 6 people work out with me on any given day. Most days, like today, I put in 30 minutes on a stationary bicycle to get my cardio - and wave to perhaps 15 or 20 folk as they arrive or leave. Then its off to my informal stretch class - with between 1 and 5 folk. Next is the main workout - Mark was there today and we did a killer leg workout. Donna showed up 30 minutes into the workout, and hung with us for about 2 hours. By which time she and Mark had to leave. But in the mean time Sue, Michael, and Ashley showed up. So, well, since they were there, and since Sue had bought a set of gymnasts rings - well, I put in another hour with them.

I’m sure I have talked about how it feels to have people want to work out with me - how just plain flattering it is, and how much fun it really is. Work outs like this are not the exception - I am lucky enough to have gathered a very diverse group of folk who appreciate my workouts and who want to improve their strength, balance and core while strengthening their backs.

Is this the same as watching a football game with a bunch of folk (I was reminded that superbowl was this Sunday - hence the question)? I have to respond with an emphatic NO! Workouts are about being healthy, about losing weight, becoming stronger, they are about camaraderie engendered by doing things with others, facing challenges and keeping each other safe while improving ones physical well being. Working out can involve watching someone you are working out with succeed, and helping others grow. Unlike watching sports on TV - and getting ones “fulfillment” from watching athletes do their thing - working out is about the best thing you can do for yourself.

I don’t have a TV, and I really am not much impressed with the thought of watching someone else play a game when I could be doing something that improves my physical well being. To me exercise is all about doing something oneself, developing skills, and deriving deep, satisfying happiness.

I honestly am at a loss to figure out how to get across how good it makes me feel. Instead I have included a couple of pictures and a short video of my doing pushups on exercise balls. This is a new one for me. Matt manned the camera (that's him in the mirror) and Ashley provided the audio. Click on the words "Old Man Pushup" below to download the video.

Old Man Pushup

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