Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Turned 58 on Sunday. Got up, did my morning thing, which includes about 20 minutes of stretching, and realized just how good I felt. I suppose part of my feeling really good was the things I didn’t feel - joint pain, back pain, sprained muscles - I just felt really good. OK, I don’t work out at the gym on Saturdays or Sundays - or I might have to back down on the muscle soreness thing - but even during the week I am not feeling sprained muscles, just the healthy awareness that I am pushing my limits.

Birthdays can be a time of introspection - a time for rejoicing, or perhaps a time to regret some of the things that one has done.

Sunday was a day that really made me glad I do what I do - which is work out 2 to 3 hours each week day.

I can remember perhaps 20 years ago having to have a shot in my spine to help relieve tension and relax pinched nerves.

I can recall 3 years ago having a muscle in my arm strained badly enough that I could not do some exercises for 6 months.

I can recall 2 years ago having my lovely wife work my back to release tight muscles and work out kinks.

Yesterday I was working out with Michael, and mentioned to a young man that sometimes joins us in doing the more challenging exercises. I noted that I was three times as old as Michael. Avi (not sure if that is the right spelling) just looked at me funny - like he didn’t understand how that could be. I told him I had turned 58 the day before and he was shocked. In fact, today he said he really couldn’t believe I am 58.

Is there a prescription for my condition - a prescription that can get others to the point they are happy - even ecstatic with their bodies? Yup, darned tootin.

- Get rid of your TV’s. Every one of them. You will find that they sell very quickly on Craigslist as long as you price them appropriately - say $5 each. Or, if you are really smart - tell people you will pay them to take them off your hands. What ever the case, get rid of them. On average in the US - cutting out TV would give people 4 more hours each day to do things (other than watch TV) - like work out.

- Work out - hard. At least an hour each day, I strongly recommend 2 to 3 hours each week day - then you have the weekend to let your body recover before you do it again.

- Work out hard enough and be consistent enough that others want to work out with you. There is nothing like work out buddies to make working out sustainable.

- Severely reduce the amount of meat and refined carbs that you eat.

- Eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water.

I hope this short posting means something to you - that it helps you understand that you can not only retard aging - you can turn it around and truly become stronger, feel better, have better blood chemistry - you really can become younger each year.

Need I mention that I am really really looking forward to 60? Yup, get senior discount at restaurants!

Oh, sorry for the lack of postings of late - we are finishing up a remodel and trying to fix a few of the myriad problems caused by contractors who are perhaps not totally into the concept of quality. I will not bore you with horror stories: At the end of the project the house will be what we want. But, in between, well, it is sometimes right challenging.

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