Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today’s workout

It amazes me how positive an experience my workouts are. Michael and I spent just under 2 hours doing balance and core exercises before he had to run an errand. We usually end our sessions with 15 or 20 minutes of pushups on basket balls, or doing chin-ups. I opted for the chin-ups.

I did three or four of the variants we have been working on - legs straight out in front of me, then completely inverted so doing chin-ups with my head down and legs straight up, and lastly one with my legs at a 45 degree angle above horizontal. When I dropped down off of the bar and was walking away I saw a young man give me a thumbs up in the mirror.

Do you have any idea how good it makes an old guy to get a thumbs up from a young guy he doesn’t even know?

In the locker room I chatted with a couple of the young guys I work out with, and then was approached by a father and son who work out together - which I think is a really cool thing. Anyway, the father commented that he saw me working out with a lot of young guys doing balance and core work, clearly he was curious about it all, but hesitant to be too imposing or nosy.

Again, how great does it make a guy pushing 58 feel to have a younger father and his son interested in my routines? I made sure he understood he was welcome to join us whenever he and his son wanted, but did warn them that I might not want them to do some of the off the wall things we do - until they had built up a bit of experience in some of my routines.

And then, a 30 something engineer came over and said he would really like to work through some of my routines with me.


Doing things, getting satisfaction, encouragement, and happiness!

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