Monday, February 13, 2012


Gads what a fantastic workout today.  Started out with my 30 minutes of cardio on a stationary bicycle.  After warming up I was setting up my gymnasts rings when an older gentleman came up and started talking to me about working out; how often, how long, that sort of thing.  He suggested that he could not possibly do the things he sees me doing, because he is so much older.

Right - you see it coming eh?  Turns out he is the same age as I, within a month anyway.  He figured me for my 40's.

So, we talked some more.  Hence the title for this posting.  He explained to me that he is very busy, retired, has a lot of things to do, and can’t make it to the gym most days.

Hmmm.  Let’s see - just finished getting certified as a personal trainer.  Building up a hammered dulcimer group, teaching the hammered dulcimer, and playing an hour a day.  Just prepped the kitchen and master bath for a major renovation.  Making bread whenever we run out.  Studying physiology to better understand the mechanics of the body for my proposed balance/core/stability classes, and proposing tomorrow to the 24 hour fitness folk that they host my classes...

But, despite all that stuff that I think is really important, the most critical element of my days are my workouts.

The aged gent also explained that his back hurt and he had to be careful of his joints.  Hey, I had back problems 20 and 30 years ago.  Seriously.  And I can do things now that I never could have done then.


Brings to mind a couple of quotes I will be using in my presentation tomorrow on my balance/core/stability program:

"People assume they will get old and die – in fact, people today tend to get old and live – decrepit perhaps, but they live. They can get decrepit, if they like, but it is their choice."

"We are stuck with aging – it is inevitable. But, decay is optional, which means that most of the functional aging is optional as well."

Kelly and I have talked about out goals - right at the top is ageing gracefully.  We both interpret that to mean being in fantastic shape so we can do what we want.  When we want.  And not with a sore back.

Funny, with Kelly having left behind her high-stress management position and devoting a bit more time to exercising - her face looks younger now than it did 5 years ago.  Gads it is wonderful living with someone who is getting younger each year!

I chatted a bit longer with the aged one, and concluded that he really is just too busy to do what I do.  Pity.

We all have our priorities, eh?

So, a 50 year old college math instructor joined me on the exercise rings.  Mark is great - one of the very few "older guys" who work out with me on occasion.  Great upper body strength, and focused on core development.  Perfect.  I have worked out with him a few times in the past - if he sticks with it I really look forward to seeing how his core strength develops.

He joined me for about an hour and a half.  Michael (20 year old soccer player) showed up and we finished up with another hour of rings, basket-ball pushups and funky chin-ups.

Total of 3 hours.  And I feel GREAT!  OK, I will sleep like a log tonight, and tomorrow at 2 pm I will hit it again.  Push-up day.

Priorities.  Doing things and gaining satisfaction, and happiness.  Every time I look in the mirror.

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