Monday, January 23, 2012

Something New

I fear I have not been very diligent at posting recently - for which I offer the feeble excuse that my resolution for 2012 was to make a stab at becoming a certified personal trainer.

This decision, made 3 weeks ago, was in part the result of the talk I gave to a great group of older gentlemen back in early December. I discussed this with some of the folk who work out - they thought it would be something good to offer at the gym. So, off to talk to the gym manager - who thought it had merit. But, there was this little issue about employment - their policy is that people who teach at the gym have to be employees. And, it would be a lot better if I was a certified trainer... So, while my goal was not to get a job, it turns out that the exercise routines that I have been developing, and that get a lot of attention at the gym, well, they may end up getting me more involved at the gym.

Back on December 7 I talked about becoming old. As I said then - My theory is that we become old when we quit seeing tomorrow as a chance to improve, as a time to get stronger, as an opportunity to do something new. In short – we get old when tomorrow is no longer a chance to do something, to find satisfaction, and happiness. To grow, to become more than we are now. TO LIVE!

Don’t get me wrong, every time I embark on a new adventure there is doubt, there is trepidation, and all those other words that suggest it would be easier to just keep on keeping on. And, hey, I went through a two day course last weekend and then sat for the certification test yesterday afternoon. I hope I passed, but will only find out in a week or so. But, gads, did I learn a lot! Perhaps I started a little late, but I am amazed at how much I have learned in a pretty short time.

Which is what my concept of retirement is all about - living, learning, looking for more ways to find satisfaction.

So, wish me luck, hopefully in a week or so I will be able to report that I passed!

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