Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kelly's Second Career

When Kelly and I met 20 some odd years ago, she was starting to think about health, healthy eating, and learning more about all things healthy. At that point I still considered a chicken as two meals, with some veggies thrown in. Or, if rushed, a chicken would suffice. Actually, if there was no chicken, a rack of barbequed ribs would do just fine!

Over the years Kelly made a concerted effort to learn all she could about living a healthy life, and I began picking up bits of knowledge as she her knowledge and awareness grew. Probably 10 years ago she started thinking about her second career, and began to focus on the medical field - with a goal of finding a way to help people understand how they can live a healthier life.

Fast forward 8 years, and Kelly was ready to start doing something new. Her first step, after quitting her day job, was to go back to school to become a nurse. 14 months later, with a freshly minted BS degree she started her new career.

Let’s step back for a second and think about what I just described. When Kelly quit her day job she was a couple or three years shy of 50. And she was starting an entire new career - focused on helping others live a healthier life. Her way of looking at this is that her second career is her reward for the years she spent in the chemical industry. A chance to enhance her knowledge, continue to grow, and find a niche where she can feel she is really contributing to peoples health and well being.

All before she was 50.

Now, with over a year of nursing experience she is applying to Nurse Practitioner programs. Which means that 3 or 4 years from now she will be in a position to do what she really wants to do.

It goes without saying that I am proud of Kelly - she is learning so very much, continuing to challenge me in my own growth in the fitness and wellness fields, and she is bringing home a paycheck. And, just in case you hadn’t thought of this, in as much as she is working in a hospital, we get good medical benefits at a reasonable price.

There are so many disparate elements that have come together for Kelly and I - leading to what we consider a wonderful life. While many think of retirement as a time to sit back, we both believe that sitting back is not living life to the fullest. We often talk of the years ahead, my projections are based on selling my inventory of clocks - I figure 15 to 20 years - and then focusing more on upper-end restorations. Kelly will be a freshly minted Nurse Practitioner in 3 or 4 years, with a new and exciting career ahead of her.

For us, as I hope for you, life is doing things, finding satisfaction, and ultimately finding happiness.

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