Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Joe, my clock bud

One of the really neat things about my clock website, and the articles I write on clocks and their restorations is I get to meet some really fantastic people. One is Joe, a clock guy out in mid-America. He’s a farm guy, grew up doing what people do on farms, fought for our country, has a son fighting for our country, the kind of guy you can be proud to call a friend.

He has a day job doing maintenance in a warehouse. And, he is a self-proclaimed curmudgeon. Recently, well, I will let him tell it in his own words: “I was given a fairly large electric motor to put in storage. I loaded it on to an electric pallet jack and drove to the other end of the building where I have a permanently parked trailer for storing stuff like that. I had to move a couple of big items that were in the way in the trailer. So I put the motor on the floor, out of the way.

While I was working, the assistant general manager walked up to the motor and looked at me. He pointed to it and asked “What’s this?”

I told him I was planning on putting in storage in the trailer and he suggested that I get some help with it. I promptly squatted down and with perfect lifting form curled it up almost to my chest , stood up and said, “I got this" and grinned.

I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. “Joe, be careful. That weighs….”

160 pounds I finished for him and turned and walked into the trailer and put it on the storage rack.

He had to go tell the maintenance manager who (knowing me quite well) just told him: “He does it because he can and he can because he does it.”

Rick, the maintenance manager admonished me later to be careful about scaring the kids. Really fun afternoon.”

Joe is 62, the assistant general manager is 40. Message here? Joe also told me a bit about his workout routine: “I got connected with a physical rehabilitation and fitness center because the franchise joints are full of people I find pretty much annoying. I’m something of a curmudgeon and I really don’t like being around kids in their really pricey workout clothes and all the supplements for body sculpting. I enjoy being able to continue doing things that I have always been able to do.

For me it’s about ability and overall staying power. I do two sets of 40 reps at 240 pounds on my lower back and 60 inclined sit-ups and a series of chest, lat, and shoulder workouts alternating between upper and lower body. I do some on the elliptical for cardio-vascular and free weight curls at 60 pounds. I use the elliptical for the CV stuff because my knees and ankles won’t put up with the pounding on a treadmill or open running (which I ain’t really interested in doing in the dead of winter anyhow!).”

62 years old, with an attitude. But, the take home message here is what Rick the maintenance manager said: “He does it because he can and he can because he does it.”

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