Thursday, November 10, 2011


Whilst I ended yesterday’s post indicating I would talk more about the significance of ten percent animal-based protein in your diet, I in fact am going to digress for a moment and instead talk about Michael’s and my workout today.

Push-up day. Starts with 4 sets of 30 pushups, hands in different positions, but at least all hands on the floor. Then 4 sets of 30 horizontal pull-ups, with hands in different positions and feet on an exercise ball. It was about here that two college guys came over and asked us to show them some of the abdominal/core workouts we were doing Tuesday.

20-something college guys asking an old guy for guidance on doing ab exercises.

As Michael and I worked through my three primary core exercises we talked a bit about the college guys’ exercise goals. Ex-highschool football players, they discussed various injuries from their football days, and the exercise routines that were a part of their playing football - bench presses, squats, curls - standard body-building fare. The really interesting thing was they both realized that they needed to get away from body building and focus more on core, balance, flexibility, what is commonly thought of as functional fitness. As in being fit enough to do all the things we want to do as part of an active life.

They then spent the next hour working on their form doing two of the three exercises we showed them. They will be sore tomorrow. Really sore. But, as they both said, that is their reward for doing something new - something that really stretches their capabilities, something that kicks them off their work-out plateau.

I somehow suspect I am pretty simple sort who gets a really big kick out of the most mundane things - but I was seriously stoked after we showed them the 3 core exercises, and then a rather unusual pushup. How often does an old guy get asked by college students how to do exercises? And how often do said college guys admit they can’t begin to do what the old guy can do?

Today made it pretty clear to me that I really have to consider people in their 20's as a part of my audience - people who need to figure out how to develop exercise routines that are based on sustainable development, not on lifting heavier and heavier weights. Follow one path and you learn to balance in ways you never dreamed. The other, keep on lifting heavier weights until something goes snap. Because, sooner or later, something will go snap if the goal is to shrug over 700 pounds.

A satisfying day - like you probably really can’t imagine. Satisfaction, happiness, from not just doing something, but from pursuing my own path, developing my own exercise routine, and finding that others understand and appreciate the value of what I am doing.

Pretty heady stuff for an old guy.


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