Thursday, October 20, 2011

Self Image

Kelly and I try to take an evening off every couple of weeks to watch a movie - we used to watch them on a small laptop computer, but we finally broke down and bought a 22 inch monitor and a DVD player. It’s funny today to think back on our watching an 11 inch screen - but it did pretty much guarantee we spent those moments close to each other.

When watching movies I used to bemoan the challenge of living up to the reality we saw on the screen - men with rippling abs, women who were stunningly beautiful - and, once again, Kelly came to the rescue, explaining that I too could look like a hunk if I spent most of my day in the gym.

OK - at 57, I am not going to look like a 20 something adonis, but it is hard to explain how much my self-image is bolstered by the improvements I have made to my physique.

Kelly calls me her soldier boy. Little thing - but means a lot. Then there was the 4th of July picnic here in the neighborhood - a group of retired navy men wanted to know if I was an ex-marine. Or the retired navy seal at the gym asking if I was ex-military - answer is no, but heck, he asked.

Or the ladies today who asked if I was a retired gymnast.

Which is why I am writing about self image. I don’t see myself as anything but a fairly nondescript old man - but, with a third of America being obese, putting time in at the gym can make a fairly nondescript old man look pretty good.

And the kind comments from others just make it all soooo worth it.

Working out - hard, and often, can revitalize your body and your self image. What is more important than that?

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