Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kelly and I moved to Portland a year ago, thereby becoming one more family that has been uprooted and gone somewhere where they really knew very very few people. OK, granted, we wanted to move here. But, it was still daunting.

I think that our society, with all of its mobility, leaves a lot of people feeling very alone, or, frankly, lonely. Granted, Kelly and I have each other - and we are both very thankful. But, how does one meet people in a strange city?

How is it that we seem to have more friends than we can say grace over, after just a year?

I suppose I could say that this blog is all about finding friends - as I look back over some of my posts there is a recurrent theme: Happiness comes from satisfaction which comes from doing things. My point here - doing things opens up the potential for making a lot of good friends.

You will discover with time (or perhaps right now) that I do not consider going out for a drink as doing something. Yes, it is social, but it is not what I mean by doing things. Likewise watching TV - I love it when I get calls from pollsters seeking my opinion on TV shows - a few comments about TV’s being the “spawn of the devil” usually suffices.

When I talk about doing things I am talking about developing physical skills, learning, teaching others, getting into motivational speaking, assisting others, writing, doing something you have always wanted to do... Let’s see - playing a musical instrument - have met perhaps 30 people, restoring clocks, perhaps 20 people, working out - hmmm, 30 or 40 people, cars - not really developed yet - not enough time to focus on my passion for old jags, sewing/tailoring - again, not even touched that one yet, bicycling - not yet, kayaks, wood carving, stained glass, none of these either - not yet. But, even with our relatively short time here we have the basis for a bunch of friendships - and are enjoying building these new relationships.

I especially like the fact that the people I am coming to know span a range of ages from their late teens to their 60's, and beyond.

I have been told many times that, before I start a project I should outline my goals - and I have to confess that I have not done that with this blog. In truth, it really is a work in progress. I know that I am very happy with where I am, and I hope to be able to share some of the things that have worked for me. My audience? Perhaps I should write about that tomorrow - I have a cat demanding my attention - it’s time to sit back and let said cat fall asleep in my lap while I read.

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  1. You are so grossly satisfied with yourself especially with that cat comment! What your saying is completely true though, when people feel lonely they tend to just stay alone. On the contrary, when people feel lonely and down they should go out and do things! You've been blessed with the people you've met and the skills you have!