Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Guy Thing

OK - I admit this posting will probably be pretty goofy, but none the less - I am feeling pretty stoked. Good workout - but it was the camaraderie that really gave me a warm fuzzy today. Four different young men - this time I am referring to guys in their teens and twenties - went out of their way to acknowledge me today - slugs in the shoulder, fist bumps (new one for me - two guys knock fists together as a form of greeting), inquiries on our latest strange exercise moves - and a couple of older guys - kind words on this blog, questions about how I have gotten so ripped (ripped is a good thing in the athletic world - it doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of muscle, you can have a little muscle but have VERY low body fat, making your muscles look super defined)...

I guess part of why this feels so good is because I was not into athletics in highschool or college - sure I rode a bicycle a lot, but no team sports, no working out in the gym - this is all new to me. And, to be so accepted by both young men and old - it really makes the work-outs worth all the effort.

I suppose I should be up front about workouts. They are really hard work - yes, it all sounds like fun and games when I talk about them - and yes, Michael (18 year old soccer player who has been working out with me for 5 months) and I push each other, but they really are hard workouts, and leave me pretty beat. Make that very beat. But, like so much in my life, giving it my all pays fantastic returns in satisfaction and happiness. Doing things leads to satisfaction and happiness!


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  2. Thank you for your kind comments.