Monday, September 19, 2011

Working Out

My number one, each day, source of satisfaction (happiness) is working out. As I mentioned in a previous ramble, I view working out as something I have given myself as a present – a present for retiring – an entitlement if you will. For me, after working out at my current gym for a year, working out is a chance toget positive reinforcement – a big element of satisfaction, let me tell you.  It is amazing to me how many people are there, giving me positive strokes. Young guys calling me over and showing me what they can do – trying to impress me! Hey, I’m 57 – and teens and 20 year olds care what I think. Gads! Talk about an ego boost?  Or, even more so, when these same youngsters tell me they aren’t even going to try an exercise I have been perfecting. They don’t want to be embarrassed. I can assure you, I positively glow for the next hour.  Even if my current work-out bud (a 19 year old) tells me that the first time he saw me he figured me for just another old guy at the gym. Whilst I will never be a body builder, I can still get ridiculous amounts of happiness from working out.

A quote from a book I am reading on bodybuilding, "Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness" - "Bodybuilding gives you something meaningful to work toward everyday"  This struck home with me - and is a part of why working out is so important - at the end of every workout I take home a feeling of accomplishment - satisfaction - happiness.

Working out = social interaction = self-image enhancement = personal accomplishments = healthy body = huge happiness.

Can you do what I do – 40 chin-ups, uhhh, ok, maybe not. But, can you start down a path that will make all the difference in your life? YES!

Satisfaction comes from doing. So many people say they want to be happy. All I can do is share what makes my world wonderful. Funny thing, working out, and practicing an instrument – work – makes me happy!

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