Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to my world

OK – the blog name was not my idea, it came from my nephew.  And, to say the least, I am not perfect.  But, I’m going with it because I think it gets a point across:  If (one day or even now) you have to be old – be the best darned “old” that you can!

This blog is the result of my interactions with others, and the realization that there are a lot of really good people who just aren't into the concept of aging.  Do I want to get old?  Yes, a resounding YES – because the other option involves being dead.  Given inevitability of aging the only good choice is to do it with verve – lead the pack, and help everyone you can along the way.

Who is this guy – I am a retired engineer who started planning the retirement from my day job perhaps 15 years before actually finding myself in a position where I could live without my day job.  The recurrent theme in my “retirement”, my fascination I suppose, is how satisfied I am with where my wife and I have ended up in our lives.  This, I suppose, brings me around to the focus of this blog – being satisfied with, and finding happiness in life.

With time I hope you can share some of the happiness I gain on a daily basis from the things I do – from the satisfaction I get from doing – and, hopefully I can learn from you along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be talking about an active, informed lifestyle, not a sedentary, sit back and be satisfied about the past existence.  We (as in you and I) will be focused on what we do every day to get the personal satisfaction that doing things can bring.

My wife is a PhD chemist who, when she finished her corporate career, chose to become a nurse.  She and I read a great deal, with a focus on health, diet, exercise, and the ongoing developments in these and related fields.  We don’t have a TV.  We attempt, with our combined training and experience, to make sense of the torrent of information available today on aging and health, and to incorporate that which makes sense for us.

We both work out a lot – me, 2 hours a day, 5 times a week. Kelly– 6 or 7 times a week, an average of 45 minutes per session.

And we both have a commitment to being happy.

Please consider this a personal invitation to joins us in our quest for happiness.


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