Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Motivation - Lying to myself

I have been told by many that we can not motivate others – and I agree. But, we
can discuss what tools we use to keep ourselves where we want to be, and hope
others find something that works.

This is a random meander through my thoughts on motivation as I stretched
this morning.

OK then, let’s start with motivation for stretching: I feel better when I get

Really short term that. And effective.

When I was in college I made a rule – I did not have to study evenings on days that I
took a test. OK – made it pretty important to get homework done ahead of time,
but being able to go visit my lady friend (who was at another university some
35 miles away) was a strong motivator. And, with time, I came to look forward
to taking tests. See – “test” equaled “quality time with my lady friend”.
Coming to view tests as a positive thing has served me extremely well – it is
amazing how much better one does when one is not nervous about a test – is in
fact excited about the test.

So, while my first example reflects being honest with oneself (you really will feel
better if you start your day with stretches) my second involves a bit of
prevarication – overall it was sometimes a real challenge to make my test night
off rule work – but it made me look forward to taking tests. And resulted in
better grades.

I call this my lying to myself rule. Or maybe just misleading myself - convincing myself that I really like to take tests.

More on motivation tomorrow…

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