Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frustration - and Coping

When I feel frustrated by something I find myself reflecting on how much I have
improved my body, or how much I love the music I now play, or perhaps 20 other sources of satisfaction, and end up feeling pretty darned good about myself. These two “entitlements” have generated achievements that make my life satisfying.  And, in the process, help to keep me from getting hung up on frustrations that come along.

My point?  I believe we all need to realize, to hard-wire into our psyche the reality that satisfaction, which equates to happiness, comes from doing – not from sitting on ones backside. And then, when things don't go our way, we can lessen the frustrations by acknowledging the positive results we
are achieving in other areas.  OK, perhaps another form of lying to oneself – but the goal here is to keep from getting dragged down when something doesn’t go the way we want.

I suspect satisfaction is going to be a recurring theme in my writing – you’ve
heard the expression “curiosity killed the cat”. Interestingly this in only the
first part of an interesting truism – the second part is “satisfaction brought
it back”. Like the cat, we all need to go for the satisfaction.

Lying to oneself – hmmm – if it means convincing oneself that working out and
practicing a musical instrument are what we are going to do – I’m all for it.

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