Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Some months ago I met a lovely lady at my gym - Chrisetta - who has been fighting, and winning her battle with obesity for several years now.  And then wouldn’t you know it, she is knocked down in a parking lot and ends up with a broken tibia.

I was amazed when I saw her back at the gym in a wheel chair, just wanting to be there, to be around all the positive energy that flows from people working out.  One day she just didn’t seem to be her usual bundle of energy - and in fact, she admitted that she was a bit down - in fact, she was talking to another lady about the challenge of not being able to work out like she used to.

When I walked up I listened for a bit, then butted in, as I am all too prone to do, and told her that all that mattered was that she do what she could.  And then I wandered off and did my thing.  Perhaps a week later she told me that she had taken that bit of advice to heart and was feeling a lot better about herself and her time at the gym.  In fact, she dubbed me "Dewie", as in "Do what you can".

Since then she has started into a motivational speaking career, been on TV, featured in newspapers and even teaching healthy cooking classes.  And now I am Dewey.

I thought this was perhaps an appropriate message for today - after my mini-rant at the end of yesterdays post: "start working out today.  Keep working out, at least 5 days a week, from now on - and you will win the fight for your life!"

No, I don’t expect you to do 40 chin-ups any time soon - or pushups or whatever.  I just hope you will "do what you can", every day, so you can join me in this fight for your life!

Please visit Chrisetta’s blog - tell her Dewey sent you.

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