Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be all that you can be

This posting is going to digress a bit - to focus on my workout today. By now you have figured out that working out is a significant part of my world. Each day of the week has a specific focus - today was leg day. All of my exercises are built around what I perceive as the needs of someone who wants to keep on doing all they can - so a focus on functional fitness, and especially on core strength and balance.

I typically start a workout with 30 minutes on a stationary bicycle - warming up, loosening up, and getting in a bit of aerobic exercise. Michael, my 19 year old work out bud, gets there soon after I finish on the bicycle and we get into the day's weight routine. And, as far as routines go, todays was pretty much routine - took nearly 2 hours and we had worked our legs hard.

Often when we are done with our daily routine we will do some chin-ups, pull-ups and the like - to finish the day. Today there was a young man, John, doing some interesting chin-ups - so we went and spent 45 minutes showing him different routines, and learning some from him - throwing in a number of interesting push-up routines as well. We hadn’t met John before, but he was clearly as excited about new examples of these body-weight exercises as we are. Somehow I am pretty sure I can not get across how heady it was to be working out with two very fit young men, getting a chance to show them really novel exercises, and being able not only to keep up with them, but to outdo them. Picture, if you can, this old man doing pushups on two of the inflatable exercise balls - toes on one ball, hands on the other. And doing pushups. Or, toes on medicine balls (one medicine ball per foot) and hands on a third medicine ball. OK, that one still has some “growth opportunity”. Or, levering legs from a simple pull-up position until legs are straight up in the air above the body, and then doing reverse chin-ups.

I was recently talking to another older gentleman who has seen some of my routines - his comment “I would never be able to do some of those exercises”. Trust me, 3 years ago I would never, ever think that I could balance as I do now. But, 5 days a week, and 3 years and now I am getting to show people 1/3 my age how to do really great exercises.

Satisfaction, social contact, exercise, ego support - days like this leave me so pumped it is truly unbelievable.

One day soon I will have to discuss my target audience for these postings. Today’s is focused on everyone who doesn’t believe they can do really amazing exercises. What is the recruiting slogan - “Be all that you can be”. Not wanting to sound trite - but hard exercise will change your life. If you are not fit, work into it slowly - but do it. We really are fighting for our lives!

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